Bike Helmet Bug Screen: Great For Bugs, Not So Much For Vision

It wasn't that long ago that bike helmets looked a little dorky. You might have heard murmurs of "Egg-headed dufus" just a couple of decades ago if you walked into a restaurant or shop with your helmet strapped to your head. Today, however, bicycle helmets are a recognized safety precaution and you'll probably catch more flack for riding without one than with.


With that in mind, it would seem that the makers behind this helmet-mount bug screen wanted to bring an overflowing ladle-full of dork factor back to the bike helmet. Yes, with this thing you won't only get called names, you may just get punched right in the face protector. 

Manufactured by a little company called GBNpro, the bug screen is designed to stop the horrible epidemic of bug-spattered cyclists. To its credit, the company admits how hideous this thing is, calling it "ugly but effective." As to the second part of that statement, it blocks 95 percent of the bugs that would otherwise be bombarding your mouth, nostrils and eyes.

Really, GBNpro? You want me to wear this bicycle welding mask and you can't even give me a full 100 percent of bugs--or even a legally precautionary 99.99 percent? How silly would one feel wearing this thing and still getting hammered by a horsefly. 

The bug screen attaches to your helmet with Velcro. Supposedly, it doesn't hinder your vision, but it's hard to see how a big screen in front of your face wouldn't. You'll still enjoy the flow of fresh air over your cheeks thanks to its perforated design. 

If bugs are more of a problem for you than dignity, you can get your own personal bug screen for $20. Hopefully, it can protect against 95 percent of fists. 

GBNpro via The GearCaster 

May 29, 2010
by Anonymous

It's not just ugly - you can see through it too!

Chris, et al,

Thanks for the review of TheBugScreen™.

Concerning vision; photographed digital images of the screen produce a highly pixelated view. However, the human eye doesn't see the grid because it's not within our focal length. So, camera images present a horrible distortion compared to the actual view people would see. For example, if you place your face one inch from a window screen and look outside; you'll discover the grid loss. The view is much better than one might initially think.

Concerning ugly; some people, no matter how practical or effective TheBugScreen™ is, may still find it unfashionable or "distasteful" compared to entomologic ingestion. So now we have a choice; eat bugs or look weird?

Again, thank you for the review of this new product.


Robert Prusinski

May 30, 2010
by Chris Weiss

Thank you

Thanks for the comments and additional info!