Bike Lanes Above Traffic In Our Future?


Imagine a world where cyclist could freely ride their bikes without worry about the danger of city streets and crazy drivers. Imagine a world where they can ride safely high above the traffic. Can't picture it? That's okay. Martin Angelov has imagined it with steel wires up in the air, but it isn't a circus stunt.

The innovative idea is simple (or so it appears to be): create bike lanes up high above traffic made with steel wires that allow bike riders a safer place to ride their bike. A thin wire up in the sky doesn't seem like a safe idea, but Martin Angelov has put a lot of thought into this and has designed an idea that places safety features on the wire to hold up the bike on this wire as well as strap a cyclist in. The safety features can be seen at

The high wire bike lanes are supposed to be cheaper to build then conventional bike bridges. There is also talk of the wire being used as traveling option for tourists to see the view of the city from high up. For a better explanation of the concept watch the YouTube video below.

For more information about the high wire bike lanes or to see pictures of the safety features visit the Kolelinia website here. While you are there take a look at the Kolelinio idea too. A traveler can travel from one part of the city to another sitting down in a seat attached to the cycling high wire.

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May 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Doesn't look safe at all.

Doesn't look safe at all.

May 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Good concept needs some work

Idea needs:

Netting under wire array alone along route.
Lighting for Nighttime use.
Signs on bike lane for traffic below?
Zipline style seating for non bikers to use lines X cityspaces.
Cover from rain & sun.
To acess Bus stations, stops, subway.

Otherwise radical, & since I went ziplining in Mexico in Dec, very COOL.

Tweak idea some .

Must for worldwide

Sample Test cities:
Oakland CA
Sacramento CA
Reno NV
Honolulu HI
Wash DC
Houston TX
Portland OR