Bike Laser: Making Streets Safer for Bicyclists


Straight from the halls of odd concepts that we really don't need, but are somehow much cooler than the real life alternatives they would replace comes the Laser (apparently so much time went into the concept that there wasn't much left for the name). No, the bike laser isn't used to destroy vehicles that don't pay any attention to your right to road and cut you off by centimeters. The Laser is an interesting design that actually makes your bike look bigger and more visible to vehicles.

Designed by Leonardo Manavella, who recently brought us an interesting pee-purification design, the Laser fires an elliptical beam around your bike that makes it appear larger than life. Your bike looks to be the size of a car so motor vehiclists are more likely to see and avoid you. And if they don't, the laser turns from green to red and horns within the system will start blaring until they move around you... or freak out and swerve into the other lane and hit an oncoming bicyclist who doesn't have the fortune of owning a Laser system of his own.

To make the design extra appealing to the green cyclists it will benefit most, it is self-powered; a dynamo in the wheel recharges the battery as you ride. In addition to these power components, the Laser contains the laser, a spherical laser adjustment, three horns, a plastic case and a distance sensor.

The adhesive tape used to attach the Laser to the bike is begging for an upgrade to a clamp, but other than that this design looks pretty interesting. What do you think, would you rock a Laser on your bike? 

Tree Hugger via Ubergizmo 


Jun 11, 2009
by Anonymous


I'd absolutely buy that... I've been thrown twice from my bike and ouch, it hurts!


Jun 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Almost a great thing

The laser beam is a great idea but the alarm isn't. I think it'd annoy the hell out of me, and seems unlikely to fase drivers.

Jun 29, 2009
by Anonymous


i really like this person who invented this kind of is really useful to people especially those bikers...

Sep 6, 2009
by Anonymous


As far as I can tell/find/Google, this isn't actually for sale anywhere.