Bike Lock on a Belt

Locking up your bike is an essential in most environments--unless, of course, you want it to get stolen. Even in the smallest, friendliest towns, stories of bike theft run rampant. Lock it or lose it.

One of the only real reasons that might stand in the way of locking your bike is actually having to carry the lock. Some locks mount directly to the frame, but depending upon the design of your frame and what other things you have mounted to it--saddle bags, water bottle cages, etc.--these mounts might not fit. And other locks like cables don't mount anywhere, meaning you have to lug them around in a backpack--a backpack you might otherwise not even need--or wrap them in some messy configuration around your seat post. 

When I used to bike to work, I chose the last option. I never had any real problems, but a big hunk of bike lock sticking out from under my seat wasn't really the most ideal option. Eventually, I just left the lock at work, which was a great solution for me since I only biked to and from work. But, if I had biked to more than a single location, as many cyclists do, then I'd have been back to lugging the big, unwieldy snake of a lock under my backside. 

Here's a great new product that addresses this very issue. It's the Hiplok. Basically a bike-lock belt, the adjustable, one-size-fits-all lock is designed to double as a belt, so that you have an easy, logical way of carrying it. It closes around your waist without having to lock and even has reflective writing to make you more visible at night. 

While most belts wouldn't do much to protect from theft, this one is made from  hardened steel chain and includes a padlock.  It should prove an ample deterrent.

The Hiplok retails for 70 pounds (about $112.50). 

Via: The GearCaster