From Bike To Motorbike With Turbospoke

Remember those hot, endless summer days of childhood when you'd ride around the neighborhood on your bike? And remember when you discovered just how awesome motorcycle riding and dirt biking was. You wanted to be just as cool as those guys, so you "transformed" your bike into a motorcycle by clipping some baseball cards to the frame to get that motorcyle-like rumble when the spokes hit them?

Then remember when you discarded those cards in a shoe box only to find out years later that they were worth hundreds? Ouch. 

Well, kids of today officially have a better way. Some smart soul finally got around to commercializing the whole "cards in the spokes" thing and in the process he'll save some potentially valuable baseball cards.

It's called the Turbospoke and it's basically the same exact idea as baseball cards clothes-pinned to the frame, only packed in an easy, all-inclusive kit. And there's a big muffler that adds a little extra motorcycle flair and grumble. There are three separate cards for different types of sound, and the exhaust pipe amplifies them to the sheer ire of your neighbors. 

It looks like the cards are a little more durable than your average cardboard baseball card (at least they should be if they're going to charge you money for them), so your child will have ride after ride of fun. Up until the day he realizes that a fake motorcycle is less cool than either a motorcycle or a bicycle. 

You can find the Turbospoke kit at Amazon for 20 bucks. 

Via: Coolest Gadgets 

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