Bike-Powered Washing Machine Can Travel With You

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What if every afternoon, after dinner, you could take a nice leisurely bike ride around your neighborhood and when you arrived back home your laundry was clean and inside a washing machine attached to the side of your bike? Crazy right? No! Someone invented a bike-powered washing machine that travels.

Mitch Shivers, an industrial designer from Philippines, is the innovator behind this economical and eco-friendly cleaning idea that lets you wash your clothes as you travel with your bike. The washcycling machine, a word I made up to name this innovative bicycle-powered washing machine, has a 30-gal steel drum attached to the side of the bike. Inside the drum there is a built-in washing system.

Now, imagine the possibilities. Washing clothes by bike is far gentler on the human back than washing clothes by hand. In addition, if everyone had a bike-powered machine we would probably all begin to see a positive change in everyone's waistlines. After all everyone has to wash his or her clothes. Right? Machines like this would make a more stress free, healthy, eco-friendly, money saving clothes washing world.

The great news is that Mitch Shivers is the only one with his mind wrapper around the idea of a bike-powered washing machine. He is the only one though I have found who has invented a bike-powered machine that can travel. All others bike-powered machine are attached to stationary bikes.

For more information on the traveling bike-powered washing machine visit The Design Blog here.

Visit the links below to learn more about the stationary bike-powered washing machines:

1. This stationary bike-powered washing machine called Cyclean was invented by Alex Gadsden.

2. An MIT student invented this stationary bike-powered washing machine called the Bicilavadora. See it in action on this You Tube video.

3. This is Homeless Dave's bike-powered washing machine.

4. This stationary bike-powered washing machine is from Mayapedal.

5. This stationary bike-powered washing machine is from a middle school student in Guangdong, China.

Now imagine Laundromats packed with stationary bike powered washing machines. Could fitness gyms everywhere will suffer the loss of spinning instructs applying at Laundromats to help people shape up and clean the world?


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