Biking for Better Biceps : Brain Rep 2

Peter Mucha, our Guest Blogger, is an online editor and writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, who shares more of his zany ideas on . He thought the readers of may enjoy discussing the process of inventing. Here's his article:

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Although hill-climbing can be a workout for your arms, most bike-riding does little for your upper bod. I realized this while lugging a watermelon in a bag back from a parking-lot produce market. Really added to the exercise. Could there be a gizmo that creates the same effect? Brain Reps, begin ....

The Wheelie Bike. Jerking up the handlebars to ride up on the back tire takes arms. Design a wheelie-friendly stable bike.

Retractable Pulls. On each side is a handle loop you can pull. Adjust the tugging strength. It slides back out of the way when done.

The Springload Handlebar. Push / pull either side of the handlebar. It actually moves away from / toward you, with variable resistance. Sides work independently.

The Arm Activated Pedalling Assistant. Maybe it's like a set of pedals moved with either arm, or like a crank you can push with either arm. Energy is transferred to your forward momentum somehow, either through the foot pedals or directly to a tire. Or maybe it just creates and stores electricity to recharge your iPod / run your mini handlebar TV.

The Handlebar Handweight. This handy but heavy 3-sided tube fits over a handlebar. But if you want to do some reps, you simply lift and pump and reach as you ride along. One for each side. Maybe the handlebar has to be shaped so the Handy Handlebar Handweight doesn't turn and drop right off. Ouch! Clank! Ouch! Death.

The Electric Muscle Flexer. Ever hear of those device that electrically "exercise" your muscles? Jolt! Flex. Jolt! Flex. Again, this might end in death (induced by loss of control). Could also be a crock about this being exercise. But cool part could be that your pedalling could be used to build up the charge. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Zap! Flex. Me strong like Superman.

The Handlebar Punching Bag.
Less an airbag than an airhead bag, since this can't be safe. But mount a punching bag on your bike, and get it your best shot ... if you dare. Ah, it's darebag. Or have two - punch with the left, grip with the right, then switch ... CRASH.

What's your idea?

Peter Mucha
Guest Blogger