BiKN Leashes Your Kids And Finds The Things You Never Want To Lose

As a parent, I want my kids to have some freedom to explore their environment; I like the idea of having free range kids, but they are little and I also want to be able to see them while they roam. I don’t want to hover, but I want visual confirmation that they are safe and nearby. If you’ve ever been at a busy park or a crowded store and lost sight of your young child, you know the panicky and heart pounding sensation of worry. BiKN (pronounced bee’-kin) takes away some of the worry by allowing you to electronically leash, page, and find the things you never want to lose. Like your kids.

Created by Treehouse Labs, BiKN comes with tags that can be hooked onto just about anything and a smart case which attaches to your iPhone (unfortunately, no other smart phone is compatible with BiKN). Once the free app is downloaded to your phone, BiKN can keep track of up to eight color-coded tags using the two-way radio-enabled smart case. BiKN's website even allows you to design your case and tags before you buy them. The app allows you to give each tag a corresponding name as well as the ability to include a personal photo from your phone.

Once you have tagged your stuff, like your kid or the keys your kid likes to hide, you can choose to leash, page, or find your tags. If you have tagged your keys but can’t find them, you can tap the “find” button which shows you how far away they are and in which direction. Kind of like a game of hot and cold, but instead of someone letting you know you are getting warmer, an alarm sounds when you have found them.

If you absolutely cannot afford to misplace or lose something, you can “leash” it. You can leash your child by placing a tag on them and setting a distance limit on the app. If your child goes outside of that limit, an alarm sounds on both the tag and your smart case, letting you and your kiddo know that they have gone too far.

Or if your older kids and family members are about to head in different locations at the mall or an amusement park, you can tag them and then “page” them when it’s time to go. And if you should lose your iPhone, the tags can be used to find it by sending a signal to your phone that will make the case beep until you find it.

BiKN runs off of its own battery so it doesn’t drain your phone’s charge. However, BiKN works even if your phone is off or dead. The BiKN app lets you know how much power the case and the tags have left. A micro USB cable connected to a laptop or wall adapter is used to recharge BiKN. No need to remove the case when charging your phone or the BiKN smart case; they can be charged simultaneously using the same port.

There are limitations to how far the tags can wander away from the phone before it can no longer find them. And there are limitations to how well your child will listen to the alarm paging them back to you. But BiKN is a way to leash your kids without actually putting a leash on them. And it’s a way to give them a sense of freedom and you a little bit of reassurance.

I know I will not always be able to see my kids when they are playing and discovering the world around them. However, until they are older, I need to know where they are at all times. BiKN will help me find what I never want to lose.

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