Billionaire Announces Contest To Sterilize Pets

Here is a contest that Bob Barker can be proud of. Billionaire inventor Gary Michelson is promising $25 million to anyone who can invent the first safe non-surgical method to spay or neuter pets.

Apparently, Michelson doesn't believe in doing things halfway. He is also putting up $50 million in grant money for inventors who come to him with plausible ideas. He will team with a board of experts and review the ideas in January to determine who gets the first grants.

Not just anyone can afford to throw $75 million at pet overpopulation. However, Michelson, a retired orthopedic surgeon who found himself on Forbes's 400 richest Americans list last month, has the money to back up his offer. He has invented hundreds of medical instruments for human surgery over the years.

The announcement was made at the National Spay/Neuter Conference in Chicago (don't feel bad if you missed it), where Michelson said that a non-surgical means of sterilizing pets would mean more spaying and neutering. While nearly 73% of dog owners and 86% of cat owners currently sterilize their pets, many others don't because they don't want to put their pets under anesthesia.

More sterilized pets would mean less euthanizing at animal shelters. Each year, shelters euthanize between four to six million animals.

Michelson believes $25 million will be enough to get a product on the market within the next ten years. "No one will stop what they're doing and turn their attention to this problem for $10 million. That's not enough," he told USA Today.

While thousands of inventors would gladly drop what they are doing for $10 million, no one is complaining. Start brainstorming and visit Found Animals for more contest information.

In the meantime, help control the pet population-have your pets spayed or neutered!

Sources: USA Today, Found Animals,
Photo Source: Photobucket

Dustin Brady
Guest Blogger

Our Guest Blogger, Dustin Brady, is a reporter for the Sun News in Cleveland, Ohio.


Oct 27, 2008
by Anonymous


Sometimes I think the world would be better off without the humans.

Oct 27, 2008
by Anonymous


You took the words right out of my mouth.