Billionth iPhone App is a Freebie!

Nine months after Apple began selling apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the billionth application download from the iTunes store has rolled off of the digital assembly line. Bump Technologies' free app (paid version soon) called "bump" is useful in transferring data in a very hip fashion... literally bumping data from one phone to another!

iPhone apps of all types have ingeniously been developed by a growing "app pack" of programmes who are pioneering this brave new techie world out of their bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Bump is the brainchild of ex-Texas Instruments employees David Lieb, Andy Huibers, and Jake Mintz. 13-year-old Connor Mulcahey of Weston, Connecticut was the lucky soul to cross the billionth download finish line, and as a result he will take home a $10,000 iTunes gift card as his reward!

According to company sources, there are more than 37 million devices running Apple's mobile operating system - with more than 21 million iPhone and 15 million iPod touch active users.  Besides driving the success of the App Store, these devices also helped Apple control 50 percent of the mobile ad market and drive the most mobile OS Internet traffic in the U.S., according to the latest market reports.

However, despite its overall success, Apple's App store is not flawless. It recently came under fire recently for an application called Baby Shaker, which involved users shaking their phone to silence a wailing virtual baby. The app was yanked from the Apple store after complaints from parents and advocacy groups.

And with a downturn in the economy, Apple has also taken its hits in the stock market. At the time of this posting, Apple's shares were down 2.7% at $120.04. But far be it from Apple to let a pesky little recession stand in the way of a strong sales performance. Apple sold almost 3.8 million iPhones, more than double the number from a year earlier.

So I think we can all be rest assured that this little Silicon Valley company will keep "bumping' along even during hard times. It's only a one in a billion theory on my part, but one that I think has a lot of application!