Bing Mobile Seeks Coup D'Etat!

While Google's hold on "traditional" search on PCs far exceeds its competition, Microsoft is hoping its new search engine, Bing will soon dominate the burgeoning marketplace of mobile search. Can the little-engine-that-could score a coup d'etat?

As predicted when Microsoft filed for the Bing trademark, it was apparent that they were looking at 'local search' as an opportunity to catch a competitive advantage over Google (see "Bada Bing... is Microsoft putting a Hit on Local Search").

Since many mobile devices are now equipped with or have apps for compasses, GPS, cameras, voice input and augmented reality, Bing is banking on search marketing converging with local search and creating a new robust source of data for mobile users.

"We've internalized what Google has been saying over the past few years, which is they see mobile search as one of the biggest areas," Charles Songhurst, Bing's general manager of corporate strategy stated at the Jeffries Annual Technology Conference in New York (September '09). "One of the things that we’ve designed in the way that Bing is designed is, a lot of the way that Bing is slightly more tailored, slightly more [customized], slightly less results and slightly more data per result actually suits the mobile world."

In this WebProNews video, Justin Jed, the group product manager for Bing Mobile Search discusses some of the enhanced advertising and search features that Microsoft hopes will provide them with an advantage over Google.

Bing currently uses Bing Local Search for advertisers which includes a local listing through Yellow Pages.

But based on the Microhoo deal finally solidifying and allowing Microsoft to ink a 10 year deal with Yahoo, their combined forces will be able to make a concerted effort to overtake Google, which is currently recognized as the key player in mobile search.

Now, Bing has the opportunity to evolve at an accelerated rate and its market share should grow exponentially with the alliance of Yahoo search. However the goalpost is a long way's off as Google is ever-dominating.

From August '08 to Sept '09, according to StatCounter's Global Stats,Google monopolizes the mobile search market with 97% market share.

Mobile Search PercentagesMobile Search Percentages

But what a success story Bing will be able to boast about, when and if  they are able to usurp the number one spot. Now that would be a coup d'etat for the record books!