Binge Busting Bra Monitors Stress And Unhealthy Eating

Stress is closely linked to unhealthy eating habits. For some Americans, that can mean binge eating;  and for others, that can mean going days without eating a bite. Disordered eating habits can occur on a regular basis when people fail to recognize or acknowledge their stress, or their resulting behavior. Stress monitoring devices are available but they're neither discreet nor fashionable traditionally.

Now, there's a bra that is designed to monitor stress eating so that women can prevent their own unhealthy eating habits. The brains behind this interesting wearable device monitors heart rate and respiration. They conducted extensive studies to determine what data specifically correlates to stress eating, so women using the device know when to be concerned. The measurements are acquired by sensors in the bra that remain charged for 4 hours at a time. 

The data gathered by the bra regarding stress levels is transmitted to an iPhone app for monitoring. Clearly an important feature as trying to get a read directly from your unmentionables while dining out could turn into an awkward experience (although it might lead to some free meals, but that defeats the whole purpose of reducing the likelihood of overeating). 

A bra is an interesting choice as of course lingerie comes with sexy images attached (figuratively, not literally). Avoiding stress eating doesn't just have to be about maintaining a sexy physique (as of course, this is subjective anyway); good mental health and self-confidence are unarguably sexy to anyone.

One little tip about this cool innovation: Valentine's Day is right around the corner but stick to standard lingerie for a gift, men, if that's something she'd appreciate. Give her this and she'll get the wrong (or right) idea about you intentions, and you'll be in the doghouse while she connects with Valentine's Day chocolates instead! 

Via: Gizmodiva

Images: 1) Paul Wilkinson 2) Britt Selvitelle


Feb 12, 2014
by Krislynn
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