BioBeats and The Pulse App: Can Music Rule Your Mind?

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything else. ~ Plato


Tapping into the ability to read one's mind or in this case, heart rate, BioBeat opens up a new avenue in enjoying music in which the body reveals the type of music the listener wants to hear.  Futuristic? Absurd? Not really, if you think about it. Lie detectors rely on heart rates among other things to determine a person's veracity, and the beating heart is at the very core of the most honest part of our souls, knowing what it wants in a way the brain cannot fathom. Enter the Pulse App and the conversation it permits between the body and heartbeats detected.


The human heart and music: Source: soundctrl.comThe human heart and music: Source:


Your heartbeat, the Pulse App and music

The future of the fusion between wearable tech and music may well lie in the as yet undiscovered realm of reactions between music and the human heart rate. The powers-that-be behind  BioBeat firmly believe that music is a conversation between the body and measured heart beats. The app uses heart-related data to both create and influence music with the subsidiary purpose of merging healthcare and entertainment, two fields that up to now have been almost totally divergent. The Pulse App, with  financial backing from celebrities such as Will Smith, allows people to listen to the type of music their body wants to hear. The possibilities for the expansion of this concept into other music services are yet to be developed.

How does the Pulse App generate music from your heart?


Brainwaves in action: Source: QZ.comBrainwaves in action: Source:


The name says most of it, as the app allows users to share their heartbeats and blend them with music to create a living pulse. According to David Plans, co-founder of the London-based company which created the app:

"It's connecting people through biometrics...Making music from your heart creates an emotional connection...The Pulse App uses your iOS device to detect your heart rate, and then generates custom music in any genre you choose. Pressing your finger against a device's camera for a minute allows the software to detect tiny changes in the finger's color as blood flows, determining heart rate and, in turn, measuring your stress level..."

David Plans, whose doctorate lies in the fields of artifcial intelligence and music, and who has built mobile apps for the National Health Service (NHS), claims that BioBeats will also permit users in a similar frame of mind to meet one another. This company according to the vision of its founders is considered  the beginning of the "first adaptive media platform, which is certain to move into the gaming and film industries."

Plans further states: "If your video game isn't making your pulse pound, the software will crank up the pressure; have a tough day at work, and the artificial intelligence will tee up a relaxing film when you get home – just what your body needs."


Biobeats Infographic: Source: BioBeats.comBiobeats Infographic: Source:


How can you get this app? 

A user must have iTunes installed with an active iTunes account in order to download and install the software. It may not be accessible in some countries even though the software is available in many languages.


Let your heart make the music it desires. We all pound to the beat of a different drum anyway, even those among us who wear the gentle hat of professor and director of software manufacturer by day and after nightfall the mad scientist fedora of technology using brainwaves and sound. The Pulse App transforms your heart's unique pulse into music and over time records your heart rate, which also helps to indicate healthy patterns.

So what are we waiting for, Mozart's next concerto?

Consider adding this app to your iTunes account today.