Biodegradable Portable & Reusable Drink Bottles Sport Can Camouflage

Poor plastic water bottles! Having just (well, mostly) gotten over a mass media frenzy over the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in the plastic bottle manufacturing process, the convenient containers are quickly becoming persona non grata in vending machines, public parks, and even the once-untouchable home refrigerator – hey, are you an environmental “do-bee” or an evil-doing “don't be”?

Luckily for us, plastic container manufacturers aren't taking this assault on their core competences lightly, which is good for them, for us, and for The Planet. We want to have our cake and eat it too, they want to keep selling us the cake we so enjoy eating. It's win-win, baby!

Take the Biodegradable Portable & Reusable Drink Bottle from Village Vanguard. It comes in two sizes: 280ml (9.47 fl.oz) and 420ml (14.2 fl.oz) and a wide range of colors including pink, blue, green, red and black. There's also a white can with green lettering – the other colors all feature white text.

The can-shaped bottles look very generic, like those “no-name” house brand cans of soda sold at no-frills type supermarkets. They're made of corn-based PLA plastic, which is both recyclable and compostable. Until then, though, they'll hopefully take the place of countless bottles and cans while keeping said bottles and cans out of landfills.

How you use these Biodegradable Portable & Reusable Drink Bottles is up to you. The lids form a hermetic seal to prevent leakage, and they have certain thermal retention properties thanks to double-walled linings. Since they're meant to be re-used, it's nice to know they're both microwave and dishwasher compatible.

The 280ml containers list for 1,260 yen (about $15.95) each while the 420ml “tall boys” go for 1,680 yen (about $21.25) each, and both can be purchased online at the Village Vanguard website. (Canned bottled water image via Merry Man Japan)

UPDATE: A U.S. version of this biodegradeable drink bottle is now available. Check out the Eco Drink Can here

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Jun 18, 2012
by Anonymous

Great gadget!!

Great gadget and spin! PLA is only industrial compostable and if you are adding thermal retention additives I doubt that it will compost in that environment. You have a great gimmick but not a real solution to the problem. Also, BPA is not used in single use PET water bottles, it was and in many cases still used in reusable water bottles.