Bioethanol Power Designed for the Track

When people think of performance, terms like: fuel economy, clean burning and environmentally friendly aren't usually the first terms that come to mind. Vehicles like the Lotus Exige265E are slowly but surely changing that, and it looks like the Exige will be getting some help in the challenge from a new Bioethanol-powered sports car.

The new vehicle is called the Climax and draws its inspiration from the Cooper Climax F1 car and other Le Mans class racecars from the 1950's. It features a pair of flip up aero screens to protect the driver and passenger and retractable hard top tonneau cover for inclement weather. The steering wheel is attached with a quick release mechanism and can be stored in a custom made carbon fiber carrying case.

The material of choice for the chassis is lightweight aluminum with ports and extrusions to allow the sub frame components to be easily bolted on. It will also make repairing and replacing parts easier and cheaper. The body is offered in either carbon fiber or aluminum and each one is built by hand and checked for a perfect fit.

For power, the Climax will be borrowing a tried and true boxer engine from none other than the boxer experts themselves: Subaru. The powerplant will be a Prodriver 4 cylinder engine that is able to produce 300lb/ft of torque to the rear wheels. 60 miles per hour will come in a respectable 4 seconds and a top speed of 170mph has been estimated. The engine is also able to run on unleaded petroleum fuel.

Along with the body, customers will also be able to custom order other engine options, transmission options, exterior color and interior trim and finish. No official word on the other engines has been released.

Concept Climax Ltd is planning on producing only 100 examples of this vehicle and each one will be listed at $135,000.

Via: EcoFriend