BioKite Soars Where No Kite has Soared Before - Indoors!

It's a bird, it's a plane...It's a bird, it's a plane...
The BioKite was designed using the same proven aerodynamic principles that allow huge jumbo jets to fly. The beautiful, birdlike kite can soar virtually effortlessly in indoor environments like school gymnasiums, making it ideal for the disabled.


No wind? No problem!No wind? No problem!
When elementary school teachers in Japan made it known that they were looking for a kite that could fly indoors, Kazuo Mori, president of Morihisa Co., listened. Mori redesigned Morihisa's original BioKite (which could fly in very light breezes) to allow children, the disabled, elderly people and others with mobility restrictions a chance to fly a kite indoors. Not to mention those living in wintery climes!

The BioKite weighs just 10 grams but lightness is only one attribute of the innovative design. Applying Bernoulli's Principle to the wing cross section creates lift. By gently manipulating a fishing rod & reel attached to the body of the BioKite, the operator can not only fly the kite in windless settings, they can maneuver it as they like.

Though certainly not cheap at 11,000 yen (about $100) each, the BioKite fills a unique niche. At present it can be purchased online from the manufacturer's Japanese-language website. (via Japundit, Asahi Weekly and Morihisa Co.)  

Steve Levenstein     
Japanese Innovations Writer