BioLite NanoGrid Gives Everyone A Powerful And Packable Energy Hub

BioLite’s mission is to bring energy to people everywhere. Those people include campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and individuals who rely on alternative energy sources on a daily basis. In order to provide cleaner, cheaper, and portable energy sources, BioLite created the CampStove and the KettleCharge. Their newest product is the BioLite NanoGrid—a packable and powerful energy hub.

To some, hitting the trail or going camping is a way to get back to nature and unplug from modern devices. For most, modern devices are introduced to nature as we take selfies on the top of mountains or watch Netflix via campfire. We might be able to get away from our everyday routine and the never-ending list of things to do around the house, but it’s hard to let go of the everyday conveniences.

The people at BioLite understand this and want to give modern campers and hikers the ability to cook and charge with efficiency. BioLite’s CampStove uses a thermoelectric generator (TEG) to turn small amounts of burning wood into electricity, allowing users to cook on it while charging their phone or anything that can be charged using a USB cable. Their KettleCharge also uses TEG technology to turn boiling water into electricity. Both products are valuable to people looking for ways to cook food, clean water, and stay connected through phones and laptops.

The BioLite NanoGrid is their newest product. It serves as a lantern, torch light, and energy source. Its powerful lithium batteries provide 16 watt hours of power, allowing users to charge their phone multiple times if necessary. Or if used as only a light source, the NanoGrid is good for 72 hours of light; it can also be hooked up to BioLite Site Lights on daisy chained lights to illuminate a bigger area for 22 hours. When the NanoGrid needs to be recharged it can be done with any energy source compatible with USB technology, including the CampStove and KettleCharge.

BioLite reminds us that camping in this new way is a luxury to many people around the world. We can choose to cook on open flames with the newest outdoor cooking gear, but 3 billion people worldwide cook on open flames because they have no other choice. And we can flip a switch without a thought while 2.5 billion people have little access to electricity or none at all.

But BioLite is not shaming us into wanting a place to charge our phone while we are camping or stuck without electricity during a storm. Instead, they are banking on us doing what we love so that they can continue to fulfill their mission. With some of the proceeds earned from BioLite products, programs have been started in Ghana, Uganda, and India to help individuals in need of cleaner, safer, and cheaper energy sources.

When you are buying a BioLite NanoGrid, you are not just buying Dad a cool Father’s Day gift, your favorite hiker new gear, or yourself a useful power source. You are also powering the way for people like Erinah to finance four CampStoves for her business and extended family. The NanoGrid nestled into your backpack is an energy hub that reaches much farther than the light it sheds on your campsite.

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