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Millions of people use the new pedometer apps on their smart phones to tally their steps every day. Tens of millions more go to the gym and obsessively count how many calories they burn on the workout machines. Books about healthy eating and lifestyle choices are also wildly popular, and finally, people like wearing something that looks good on their wrist and also happens to tell time. The Basis Band combines all those elements, and adds a few more for good measure, like monitoring how much you sweat, how often you wake up at night, and how lazy you're being during your coffee breaks.

The Basis BandThe Basis BandBasis is not your granddaddy's pedometer, and although there are many other gadget watches out there that can guide you with GPS, shoot lasers, and even record conversations, Basis stands head and shoulders above the rest with the most advanced technology on the market. 

The back of the Basis Band has multiple sensors that track your heart rate, your level of movement, your skin temperature, and how much you are sweating. This information helps to calculate the number of calories burned, the quality of your sleep, and your overall health. Now, paying attention to those facts and figures as it streams across a small watch screen would be impractical, so all the information is transferred to your data feed, which can be accessed from your computer.

The Basis Band records and translates an amazing amount of information from your wrist.  You can see how often you moved, what speed you moved, and therefore how many calories you burned in every separate activity of your day. You can track your heart rate as it fluctuates, including while sleeping, and the Basis Band tells you how many times your body "woke up" and interrupted healthy sleep each night, even if you don't remember. The Band tracks many other patterns over the course of days, weeks, and months, to create an activity profile for you, and to suggest sensible habits which may improve your health, like walking to lunch twice a week, or taking the stairs every other day.


Basis Band Goal Cards and Activity MetricsBasis Band Goal Cards and Activity Metrics


The recent societal focus on health and wellness can be taken to a whole new level with the Basis Band, because it provides a constant record of your activity (and proof of your occasional laziness). Its' futuristic tracking techniques help users discover parts of their daily life which may need improvement, and also gives ideas on how to achieve that change, unlike pedometers or body monitors which only give a daily step count or an approximation of calories burned.Seriously, what could you possibly trust more for fitness advice than the information coming right out of your body?

So what do you think? Will the Basis Band combine the two crazes of fitness and technology? Only time will tell...

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