The Bionic Man May Walk Among Us Sooner Than We Thought

Mass media has long had a habit of romanticizing innovations in artificial intelligence. From the stories of Isaac Asimov, to the Star Wars series, to numerous books and movies created by fans of science fiction, artificial intelligence in almost every form has been hailed as an inevitable future.

And with a new program created by i-Free, a Russian app and games developer and publisher, this future may have already arrived. These Russian experts of innovation, alongside UK robot part manufacturing company Shadow Robot Co., have recently developed a new robot prototype that leads the world in bionic and prosthetic developments.

This video shows how he is put together:

But while Shadow Robot Co. is responsible for his exterior, the engineers at i-Free worked diligently to create a new artificial intelligence technology that will control the robot’s every move and reaction. Simple commands can be recognized, requests can be processed, and small pieces of humor can even be evident within the framework of this innovative technology.

And those who encounter this bionic man need not expect a lag – i-Free claims that the software has been designed so that it will take less than a second for the robot to understand input and generate a reaction.

Don’t expect to see the bionic man walking around the mall anytime soon, though – after his initial display, he was set to take up residence in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum for the near future.

But as this future becomes the present, we can hope to one day see innovations like this walk among us.

Source: East West Digital News