Biopod: Smart Microhabitat For Your Home

Do you want to bring the outdoors indoors?

Go ahead, now you can.

A group of inventors in Calgary, Canada, has developed the Biopod, which they claim is the world’s first smart microhabitat.

With the Biopod you can grow just about anything in it: from a herb garden to even a rainforest. The unit also controls light, humidity, ventilation, temperature and rainfall.

The Biopod is controlled through an app on your smartphone. All you need to do is just tap your phone to make things grow. The Biopod also creates a new environment for your plants, and animals too.

The Biopod: Tap And Grow

The unit is easy to use. You soil, seed and plant. Then you tell the Biopod via your smartphone what you are growing and soon your herbs, vegetables or flowers come to life.

The Biopod - Tap and GrowThe Biopod - Tap and Grow

Biopod is equipped with a variety of neat technology: LED lights, WiFi app control, HD video, WiFi lock, misting system, active built-in filter, substrate multi-sensor, and it even has an air injection area.

You can also grow salad greens, sprouts, basils and tropicals with the Biopod. The invention also makes a great home for pets like fish, lizards, snakes and frogs.

The Biopod is your new year-round garden, and is a unique and beneficial environment for your for water-like pets. Whether you are growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes or peas, or you want your own garden or rainforest with reptile pets, little maintenance is required. Once you tap your phone the Biopad creates the environment that’s right for your project.

The Biopod is also perfect on the home décor front: you can put it anywhere that suits your fancy, like the living room, the man cave, or the kitchen.

It’s even great for the office too. Greenery and nature in the workplace is proven to boost creativity, productivity and lower stress levels.

The invention also serves as a unique educational tool in schools. Kids of all ages can learn more about ecosystems, reptiles and rainforests.

Meet The Biopod

There are actually three versions of the Biopod.

The fist is Biopod One and this version mainly grows herbs or vegetable gardens. This version also allows users to recreate a variety of habitats, and is a perfect home for small plants and animals.

Then there is the Biopod Terra which houses larger plants and animals.

The Biopod Aqua offers users a more complete ecosystem that is more suitable for larger plants and fish too.

“Unlike current vivariums and aquariums, Biopod’s technology allows for a natural free flowing system that replicates how a real environment operates,” indicates the Biopod team. “This system allows plants and animals to thrive while keeping the maintenance of a Biopod low.”

The unit is also connected to the Biopod Cloud, so that users can share and communicate their experiences and best tips for growing planets and looking after animals.

The Biopod One retails for $299.00 (USD). The Terra version is $349.00, and the Aqua version is $429.00.

So, what kind of microhabitat will you create?