Biowashball Cleans Your Laundry Without Detergent


Some people are really into that laundry detergent smell.  They love to be surrounded by the fragrance of clothes fresh out of the wash.  If you think about it, most laundry soap commercials even promote this idea of being seduced by the scents of their products. 

When you really consider it though, is that ‘fresh’ scent any better than clothes that are just plain clean?  We have kind of been programmed to think so, but in reality the perfumes, colors and fillers that are added to most of the commercial detergents can cause a lot of health and environmental problems.

The Biowashball  also known as the Biowash Laundry Ball ffers a greener alternative to the traditional laundry washing routine.  It is made to take the place of detergent and fabric softener.  The silicone ball is filled with ceramic beads.  The beads produce ions that clean the water and consequently the clothes; they also eliminate odors. 

This product sounds like it would be great for anyone with allergies to perfumes and dyes or who has skin sensitivities.  New parents could use this for washing all of the baby laundry so that they don’t have to worry about skin irritation.  Also, anyone who is looking for a more environmentally friendly way to do laundry should check it out.  You can find the Biowashball here. There is also an all natural dryer ball that looks worthy of a try.



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Jan 21, 2011
by Anonymous

Complete nonsense

There is nothing about this silly gizmo that does anything helpful.

Water alone is as good as or better than this thing.