Birding Is About To Become A Lot More Popular! The 'Bird Photo Booth"


After you finish reading this blog about the Bird Photo Booth, please wait at least 90 seconds before ordering it, as I want to have a head start in ordering mine. Yes, there will be a rush, because the Bird Photo Booth is the neatest thing created for bird lovers since the invention of the telescopic lens!


Bird Photo Booth: You control your camera shutter remotelyBird Photo Booth: You control your camera shutter remotely


Now, please, don't go eBay-ing your cameras and zoom lenses just yet.  You may need them to photograph other subjects like... oh, wild elephants, your familiy, your pets... But not your backyard birds! 

No, the Bird Photo Booth gets perfect shots of your avian subjects remotely with your iPhone (3, 4 or 5), GoPro, or fourth or fifth generation iPod Touch, which you control from another device (e.g., iPad, notebook, desk top, etc.). 

Look how easy this is!



Just set up the Bird Photo Booth in your best location to attract birds, download your Bird Photo Booth app, insert your iOS device or GoPro (unfortunately, not ready for Android yet), follow the simple instructions to shoot photos or video remotely, put food in the bird feeder (This step is very important!), and wait for the birds to come. You'll get shots like these with a little practice!


 Bird Photo Booth closeup (Scrub Jay?)Bird Photo Booth closeup (Scrub Jay?)


Bird Photo Booth in-flight image (Hummingbird)Bird Photo Booth in-flight image (Hummingbird)


Everything about the Bird Photo Booth is first class. It...

Is made of white oak hardwood and aircraft grade aluminum - contains no plastic parts.

Includes professional quality macro and polarizing lenses for the ultimate close up photos of backyard birds.

Comes with interchangeable high quality protective foam inserts, which fit all iPhones, all GoPro cameras, and 4th and 5th generation iPod Touch.

Has a stainless steel perch rod, which lets you hang bird-specific feeders onto it in seconds, so you can get shots of just the kinds of birds you want!


Bird Photo Booth was a Kickstarter project which met its funding goal in December, 2012.  It is a great gift for youngsters and oldsters alike.  It is now available on for a surprisingly low price.  (It's okay to buy it now!)


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