The Bistro: A Smart Cat Feeder And Health Monitor With Facial Recognition Technology

Bistro, the creation of a Taiwanese group of cat lovers come entrepreneurs, is a cat feeder that will provide much-needed monitoring of your cat's eating and drinking behavior when you're not at home. You'll understand why it is necessary when you consider that its inspiration came from a cat who was very ill and had not eaten for days... but the owner did not realize it.


The Bistro Smart FeederThe Bistro Smart Feeder


The Bistro performs several functions. First, it recognizes your cats with its facial recognition software! And it will recognize and feed up to three of them. It measures and delivers the amount of food (kibble) you program to feed each cat.  It also supplies water. The steel platform on the Bistro doubles as a scale, so your cat's weight is recorded each time she mounts the scale and the Bistro keeps a record of her weight and how much food and water she consumes at each feeding and reports it to you via your Bistro app.  You can even watch her eat!

This video, made for the Bistro's indiegogo campaign, demonstrates the Bistro's capabilities....


The Bistro is a great way to monitor your cat when you are away, especially if you travel a lot.  Cats are much more comfortable staying at home when you leave, and the Bistro is a great way to check on their well-being via how much they eat and drink.  If you use it consistently, the Bistro keeps you aware of your kitty's food needs; if he needs to eat less or more... and the Bistro app gives you plenty of information regarding the kinds and amounts of food he needs.

The only difficulty I see is that many cats feed primarily on wet canned food, and that is much more difficult to deliver via a feeder.  But for your dry food cats, the Bistro is a super invention!  You can pre-order one here(Many thanks to for the tip!)

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