Bitcoin Creator Exposed

Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately, and every facet of the digital currency has been investigated and torn apart. There are some who bet big on the virtual coins, while others take a more careful approach, and believe that it will come crashing down at some point in the future. One aspect of Bitcoin however has remained shrouded in mystery. The original creator of Bitcoin is someone who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym from a person who desired to stay anonymous. Now however, Ted Nelson claims that he knows who Nakamoto is.

In the short 12 minutes video posted above, Ted talks at length about how he investigated the subject and discovered who he claims to be the real Nakamoto. His answer is a Japanese professor named Shinichi Mochizuki, a researcher at the Kyoto University. So what is this theory based on? First, this is one of the few people who would be smart enough to invent Bitcoin, Mochizuki also has the unusual habit to use early publishing instead of scientific peer review, just like Nakamoto did, and finally he calculated the time periods and found it to be a match with Bitcoin's invention timeframe.

Of course, there is no solid proof here. Instead Ted relies on a series of facts and suppositions to come to this conclusion. Still, this is someone who has been a pioneer in information technology for a long time. Ted created the concept of a hypertext, and knew what virtual worlds were before most of us. So do we finally have the definite answer of who the Bitcoin creator really is? Sadly we may never know for sure unless Mochizuki decides to come out and admit it. Until then, we can only guess.