Bite Counter Keeps Kids Chewing, Stops Mom from Nagging

Bite early and often with the Kami Kami Bite Sensor!Bite early and often with the Kami Kami Bite Sensor!
"Chew your food!!"... How many times have busy kids heard that exasperated command from overly concerned mothers? Now the Kami Kami Sensor from Japan's Nitto Kagaku will keep kids biting their food - and Moms biting their tongues.

The creators of the Kami Kami Sensor obviously took a lot of time to consider not only how best to encourage children to chew their food properly, but how to reward them for doing so.

The device does this by beeping every 30 bites and by playing a cheery melody when the counter reaches one thousand. 

Decked out in cool blue, the Kami Kami Sensor comes in two parts: an adjustable bite sensor that the child wears sort of like eyeglasses, and a fish-shaped case with a screen to display pertinent information relating to little Yoshi or Yoshiko's chewing functionality. Fun? Wow!

Can I take it off now? Please Mommy??Can I take it off now? Please Mommy??
According to the Japanese product page at Nitto Kagaku, the Kami Kami Sensor comes in Small and Medium sizes (no Large), ostensibly for younger and older elementary school students... though certainly NO kid would want to be caught dead wearing one of these things outside their home. 

As for Mom, you might want to consider the rather jaw-dropping price of the Kami Kami Sensor: 11,550 yen or around $120! That's a big bite out of anyone's pocketbook these days. (via Japan Today)

Nov 18, 2008
by Anonymous

I seriously doubt

that any kid would want to wear that...I wouldn't have wanted to wear that.

Nov 18, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
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That's why they don't come in Large

That's why they don't come in Large, only Small and Medium sizes - you'd have to strap a high-schooler down to get 'em to put on that "device".