This Bizarre Concept Jeep From ZiL Just Might Be Russia's New Humvee

Russia might not be known for its innovative and appealing mass-market automobiles but be assured the nation's military rolls with the best of 'em.

With that said, this bizarre “army car” concept from ZiL has got a decent shot at being the Russian army's next wheeled workhorse, and it could happen as early as 2015.

Information is thin on the ground regarding this transformer-like beast but according to our source at English Russia, the vehicle was commissioned by the Russian military and built by ZiL, one of Russia's oldest automobile manufacturers.

ZiL can trace its history back to 1912. They've been building luxury sedans and  limousines for the country's highest rollers since 1931. Nowadays, the company manufactures a huge range of cars, trucks, buses and armored vehicles so it's only natural they answered the call when the army needed a Hummer.

What they might actually get... well, one could be impressed or appalled by ZiL's concept which seems to be advanced enough to be road tested. In Russia in November, that means snow tested.

Inside, a plethora of video screens relays feeds from six exterior-mounted video cameras. Ten seats (including one for the driver) indicate the vehicle is more than just a ruskie jeep.

Access/egress is via clamshell-type doors on either side, plus a nifty tailgate that would impress Ford, “the wagon master”. The weirdest thing about this unquestionably weird vehicle? Unlike much of Russia's consumer-market automobiles, this military-only machine might actually spark some demand. You know you want one... heck, we do too.