11 Bizarre Backpacks That Go Beyond the Basics

What's in a backpack? After all it's just a storage device that you can stuff with essentials and lug around on your back, right?


The backpack has evolved so much you can hardly recognize it. Now we have backpacks that double up as jets, bicycles, personal masseurs and even refrigerators. Take a look at 11 Bizarre examples of all that a backpack can be:

11. The Backpack Fridge

It can be a challenge to carry and consume food for a long trip. "Boxcooler", the backpack fridge with its own picnic dishes, revamps the idea of the cooler and makes it truly transportable.

One can carry it in 2 ways: on the back, so the user's hands are relieved, or by using the cover hinge (which is hollow inside and has access from the back) as a handle. The shoulder cushions can also be fixed at the headrests of a car, ensuring the backpack stays as positioned during any journey.

Thermoelectric Peltier elements replace the traditional "freezer batteries" which slowly defrost after a while. Therefore, the food inside stays fresh and cool for a long time. Inside the pockets are compact tablets with all the equipment needed for a picnic. A fold-able cup, a knife, spoon and fork are moulded into the tablet surface. All these parts are developed to use a minimal amount of space with a maximum of function. Via Yanko.


10. The Massaging Backpack

At the end of a long day, I am almost always ready to give anything for a soothing back massage. "Anyone want to take my used lintbrush and give me a backrub. It's a rare lintbrush...really hard to find" It's difficult to find a cheap good masseuse. If I had the money, I would hire a personal masseuse to rub away my aches and pains daily, but rich I am not.

So I guess the Massaging Backpack will have to do for me.

The massaging backpack has a built-in mechanisms that make it constantly vibrate, pummeling away on the upper back to provide the relaxation that we all so deserve and crave.

It might look silly, but then, that's a a small price to pay for comfort and relaxation. Plus, it's much cheaper than a personal masseuse. Via Dvice

9. The Jet Setting Backpack

I never thought I would find this (not that I was looking for it), but I found a backpack which is a strap-on helicopter with rocket-powered rotor blades!

The pack is powered by two hydrogen fuel canisters and the rockets at the end of the blades negate the need for a tail rotor. Technologia Aeroespacial Mexicana, the firm that designed this, is selling these jetpacks for a cool $250,000. The package includes a special machine to make your own unlimited supply of rocket fuel, hands-on training in the process and the equipment, 24/7 expert support and flight training of 10 flights in your own rocket belt.

Via Gizmodo . You can see it in action on the TAM homepage .


8. The Backpack Bicycle: Everglide

Ever wish you had a backpack that can become a cycle and alsostore your valuables? Well, it is possible. Everglide designed by Frag Woodall of the University of Technology, Sydney is ‘an integrated solution for short distance travel and personal effects management.'

Everglide has an active based device with three key functional attributes: it has the ability to be wheeled, backpacked or cycled. The design houses a shaft drive mechanism which is light weight, clean and compact. Hand held devices such as phones and ipod's are able to be plugged in and regeneratively charged via frictionless magnetic dynamo technology.

More details on it are here .


















7. The Itsy Bitsy Super Compact Backpack

The Go Anywhere Bags fold into a convenient self-contained pouch. Really tiny, it fits into the smallest of places (like your hands) and stores easily for instant use! One can conveniently put it in your pocket and and carry it around until you need to instantly have a full size, feather-light backpack, bag or duffel bag with ample room. Source here .

6. The Hooded Backpack

Eleonore de Ruuk is known for her hoods. In fact her motto is ‘Never without a hood.' The Dutch designer makes it the centerpiece for her fashion line and integrates hoods in every thinkable item...even a backpack. The special item that is blends both function and fashion is unique, stylish and even comfortable. Just try the hooded backpack and maybe you'll discover how much you needed a hooded backpack. Her varied collection of hoods is here .

5. The Wear Your Seat Backpack

Ever gone to a party where there was no place to sit except the floor? Next time, why don't you bring your own chair or maybe even plan on wearing your own chair. You read that right, wearing your chair is possible with this backpack.

It's called Wear Your Seat and is molded to fit your back. So now, wherever you go, you can carry your chair with you on your back. The idea is great, but the bulkiness of the contraption scares me. I think it will make my butt look bigger, don't you? More here.

4. The Keep Yourself Tidy Backpack

The idea for this backpack started with a vision - to make packing, keeping and carrying all your belongings more simple. The manifestation of that vision was Tidypack - developed by and made for globetrotters.

The Tidypack Backpack has shelves which can be extended by hanging it over a door. Just pack your clothes into the various compartments, close the rucksack and you are ready to go. When you reach your next destination, just extend the shelves and hang it over a door.

TidyPack looks very much like any other backpacks; it's just that the interior consist of an useful and expandable wardrobe system. Designed and developed by Marit Lien, this sure is a neat idea. (Pun intended.) Source.


3. The Total Stereo Backpack

The problem with most portable music systems is that you can't easily share your music with others or blast it wherever you go. Thankfully, someone has created the solution.

According to design student Joonas Saaranen "Reppo II is a hardshell backpack with an integrated high quality digital amplifier and pair of speakers. This beauty comes in a ultra-cool shiny hardshell backpack that gets heads turning. Just plug in any audio source, strap the whole thing on your back and share your favorite tunes with your friends on the go." Via Technabob.

2. The BulletProof Backpack: Backpackshield


Wouldn't it be great if your backpack could save your life, not just help you carry your stuff?

The backpackshield is a bulletproof backpack insert that can stop 9 mm and 44 magnum rounds of gunfire. Backpackshield is not a backpack technically but an insert that can be switched to another backpack if you outgrow your pack or decide to switch styles. Made from 13 layers of K-29 Kevlar, this thin, lightweight plate fits in most backpacks. According to the inventor, this was designed for "college students, high school students, concerned parents, and commuters." I guess schools have really gotten dangerous, huh? Available in 10 assorted colors, it costs $279USD. If you don't want to change shools to keep your kid safe, I guess the backpackshield can offer some much needed safety. Source

If you insist on an actual bulletproof backpack, well, you could get the one here .

1. Got a Big Butt Backpack

Love big butts and want to carry some around everywhere you go? Then you surely will want to lug around these “female form” inspired backpacks dubbed “The Peach” by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang. The artist liked the juxtaposition of the erotic female form with something totally unrelated so I guess he thought...hmmmm, I wonder how good a butt would look as a backpack. If I wore this backpack, I know no one would be looking at my real butt and thinking it is big, so I am all for getting one.


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Oct 1, 2008
by Toby
Toby's picture

These are all cool!

Who would have thought there were so many things that could work in a backpack environment! Super finds!

Oct 2, 2008
by Anonymous


strange and some good. There might be out there also a thing like a backpack but just the "floor" and for the arms and another for to hold the handles of plasticbags across the back with two straps down from the one across the back to hold the handles of the plasticbags. Trying to find such but probably uber expensive. Already asked a backpack maker to see if there is such a thing but haven't had any response. Probably also only good sometimes for those who have to push a wheelchair and cant hold the bags at the same time and cant have the wheelchairbags for one reason or another. So probably very small market for those.