Bizarre Bath Bomb Looks Foul, Smells Flowery

Have you always wanted to re-enact Caddyshack's iconic poop-in-the-pool scene in the privacy of your own home? I know I have, and now you can too - thanks to the most bizarre bath bomb anyone's ever seen. One wonders what the thought process was in evoking a pleasing scent disguised as something which produces the exact opposite. Maybe molding a bath fizzie that smells like roses in the shape of a rose was just too obvious.

Now it's been said that a poop-shaped bath bomb by any other name, smells the same, but since this blog isn't published in smell-o-rama (yet), seeing is believing. With thanks to Japan Probe, here's a video of Japanese comedian Hiroshi Fujioka up to his waist in waste:

The fetid fizzies cost 315 yen (about $3.30) each which isn't bad - I've paid more for crap and you probably have too. Besides, these bath bombs do have some redeeming value: It's not every day one can get into sh*t and come out smelling like roses.

Aug 17, 2009
by Anonymous


Lucky Poop Indeed! I <3 Japan! Great post!