Bizarre Burger-Eating Doll Will Supersize Your Nightmares

Japanese online horror culture store Secret Base isn't out to make clowns scary (they already are), they're on a mission to make the face-painted fiends downright nightmarish. How else to explain the “X-Ray MC Super Sized in Humberger, Devil version”, a bizarre clown doll that's creepy enough to give Pennywise the willies.

Carefully designed not to infringe upon McDonald's various intellectual and design copyrights, the chubby character gets about as close to the line as possible without triggering a lawsuit of, well, supersized proportions.

Both clowns share similar face makeup, red & white striped sleeves, red boots and a shirt pocket patch just to name a few. The pair of deluxe burgers in the doll's belly are the finishing touch.

But we'll leave the legal niceties to others. Let's get back to X-Ray MC Super Sized in Humberger, available (for the moment at least) from Secret Base priced at 9,975 yen (about $125). A “supersized” comment is definitely called for here but we've already been to that well.

Those pinching pennies this holiday season do have a couple of options when it comes to Secret Base's disturbing dolls, however.

They offer the SUPER SIZE ME FULL COLOR for “only” 7,140 yen ($90) and the X-RAY MC SUPER SIZED FULL COLOR for 9,240 yen ($115). The former is even more Ronald-ish, if that's possible, and the latter is split down the middle between opaque and transparent albeit minus the two burgers displayed in the Devil version. Yikes all around!

Last but not least, the X-Ray MC Super Sized in Humberger, Devil version was designed to freak you out with the lights off, though not quite as frighteningly as the evil clown from Poltergeist. Secret Base's doll features skeletal structure that glows green because... because it can, that's why. Just be glad it doesn't utter threats and hide under your bed. (via White Rabbit Express)