Bizarre 'Liquid Lamp' Puts Fright in Your Light

A bloody scary design!A bloody scary design!
Caina's The Design Shop stocks a wide variety of edgy Japanese home furnishings and accessories but the Liquid Lamp is by far the most unsettling. Depending on whether you select white or red, the lamp appears to resemble an overturned bucket spilling milk or blood.

The design also plays upon an optical illusion by which the lampshade appears to have no stand - it's held up instead by the "frozen" liquid oozing onto the table or down the wall, depending on the lamp's style.

The Liquid Lamp is 12.5 inches high, 11.5 inches wide and 8.2 inches in depth. It takes a single S35 minilamp bulb rated at 25 watts and is activated by an inline slider switch built into the electrical cord.

You can order one or both of the available styles (wall-mount or tabletop) from Rinkya Stores for 19,950 yen (about $227) for white and 23,100 yen (about $262) for red. Expensive to be sure, but they're hand made one at a time. The Liquid Lamp - perfect for when you want to do a little light reading... of a Stephen King novel.