Bizarre Tanuki Heart Charm Shares The Love, Saves The Planet

What better way to show your love for That Certain Guy than to give him a stylized Tanuki raccoon dog charm sporting a pair of grotesquely swollen testes? Actually, ANY way is a better way. The folks who set up Tanukin Heart are taking their shot regardless, and we wish them all the luck in the world.



It so happens that luck, the world and love all figure into what Tanukin Heart is all about. It starts with the charm, in Eco Green for the guys and Shocking (they've got that right) Pink for the gals. You're supposed to order either 1 or 2 charms from the Tanukin Heart website; then write the name of your crush on the back of one of them and present it.

Pro-tip: when giving the charm to your object of affection, hold it upside down so it looks like a heart instead of a swollen scrotum - or you may end up resembling the charm yourself, in the right-side-up position.


Lastly, the world - Tanukin Heart is donating a portion of the purchase price of the charms to The Fight Against Global Warming. Never mind that the charms are made of plastic and the backing cards are made from cardboard. The green charms are Eco Green, OK? Just buy a charm or two and quit quibbling. If Tanukin Heart are putting their balls on the line to help save the planet, so can you.