Bizarre USB Bust Beauty Pads Keep Snow Off Your Mountains

Winter's chill descending upon the Grand Tetons? Jack Frost nipping at your no-no's? Slip a pair of USB bust beauty pads under the boys and turn cold & icy to warm & nicey!

Hallelujah, USB breast warming pads are indeed here, just in time for the holiday gift-giving season! As usual, we can thank the folks at Thanko for this particular USB-powered heating device - they already sell heated gloves, socks, even a butt-warmer, all powered by your trusty USB connection.

Some rascal at the Thanko testing labs (what a fun place to work that must be) thought there was a need for this particular device, probably after secretly turning the office thermostat WAY down and seeing who complained - and why.

It seems that these breast-warming pads are more than just novelties; they actually do perform a function though its debatable whether there's much demand out there from miserable, cold-breasted computer users.

Here's the drill: slip on kidney-shaped pad under each boob (or moob - hey, why not?) and plug the 157cm (62.8 inch) long cord into your computer's USB outlet. Sit back and enjoy the ensuing waves of soothing, radiant heat. Oh, and if you're expecting to hear any "warm milk before bedtime" wisecracks, you've come to the wrong place buster!

So, wanna put some heat on the teat? Fork over 1,980 yen (about $22) to Thanko and let the wild breast-warming begin! (via TokyoMango)

Nov 2, 2009
by Anonymous

1 drawback

Won't this eliminate hard nipples due to cold temperatures?