Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gadget Ideas Worth Hunting For

It’s that time of year again! No, we’re not talking about cooking turkeys (or tofurkeys, if that’s your thing) or wrapping gifts or big family meals and lengthy school plays. We’re talking about the time when we camp out for hours in the middle of the night in front of our favorite stores for Black Friday, stroll our local downtowns to support Small Business Saturday and then spend the day hunkered down in front of the Internet, waiting for the best Cyber Monday deals.

That’s right: the Shopathon Season is almost here and that means now is the time to do some research and plan your shopping. What do you want to find the most? What are the best deals? Where can you find them?

As you search for the best gift ideas, try checking out sites like CNET that are focusing on centralizing some of the best Cyber Monday deals into one place to check out.  Here are some of my suggestions for this season’s gifts most worth shopping for great deals on:

The Lenovo Flex Laptop

You can’t fool us, you’ve been drooling over those convertible laptop/tablets ever since they first rolled out onto the market a couple of years ago. When they first came out, they were pipe dreams at best for most of us. Now that some time has passed, though, and there are more varieties to choose from, the prices have come way down. According to this handy list of Cyber Monday Deals for 2014, the Lenovo Flex is going to be available for an amazing deal this year. Make sure you jump on that!



Like pretty much everybody else you know, a new exercise regimen is likely to be on your New Year’s Resolution list. Why not get ahead of the game by jumping on one of the great FitBit deals happening this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? The FitBit is the most widely used, recognized and easy to work with fitness trackers out there. It’s true that you can download the app for free and use it on your smart phone, but the wrist band offers a far more accurate picture of how you’re moving, sleeping, etc. And, thanks to the sales, it’ll actually be affordable! Jump on that!


Google Nexus 5

There are a plethora of smart phone options out there, but the Google Nexus 5 is the closest thing a consumer can get to a “pure” Android phone. This is the phone that will be first in line to get updates that are made to the Android OS (unlike Apple, Google rolls out its updates to users in stages). Unfortunately Verizon doesn’t yet support it, but if you’re on one of the other carriers (or the recipient is), this is the best Android phone you can buy.


Samsung BluRay Player

Okay, you’re right, there are a few Samsung BluRay Players out this year but the BD-H8900 is one of the best “ all in ones” you can get, especially at its price point. Obviously this machine plays regular DVDs and BluRay discs and has 3D BluRay capability. Beyond that, though, this has all of the apps that you could ever want and an extremely media friendly design. Sometimes the app search is a little clunky but if you don’t want to get stuck paying a bunch of sub fees, TechRadar says that this is the best machine on the market this year.



By now, everybody knows that the Beats headphones are the best on the market place. So, if you know that, why are you still using the cruddy earbuds issued to you by your phone’s provider? Okay, so maybe those are totally passable but really--wouldn’t it be better to have headphones that made your music sound great? There is no time like the present to splurge on a pair of Beats either for yourself or for the perfect gift for the music lover in your life...unless you want to buy a gift card so that you can afford the wireless version that will be coming out soon. Yep. You read that right.

What gadgets do you think are the most important to grab this holiday season?

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