Black India Ink Bath Salts Leave You Clean As A Blank Sheet Of Paper

Established in 1898, Kaimei & Co. have been providing calligraphers with India ink for over 115 years but in this age of touchscreens and keyboards, exploring new market niches is vital should the company expect to survive the NEXT 115 years.

One of those niches is bath salts. Now before you start having flashbacks about hand-blackening novelty soap once advertised on the back pages of comic books, rest assured Kaimei & Co. have no malign intent – the only thing they want to turn black is their bottom line, not your bare bottom.

Along with ink, “Bokujyuyasan no Yu” bath salts contain a healing blend of platinum, hyaluronic acid, and collagen that work together to loosen and remove dirt from pores while leaving your skin fresh and smooth... and un-tinted

The glittering, midnight-blue crystals are made with the same India ink used in the company's refined calligrapher's ink; don't mix it up with fountain pen or ballpoint pen ink (figuratively or literally). Order it online from White Rabbit Express.