Adorable Black Bear Cub Puppet

If your children's room is filled with all sorts of stuffed animals, consider a different type of critter to add to the menagerie. A puppet! While some puppets look like, well, puppets, the Black Bear Cub isn't your average bear! He looks pretty realistic. In fact, I bet this Black Bear Cub probably has no idea he is a puppet! Just don't tell him!

This little cubby is not only good looking, he is huggable too. His fur is nice and soft and his nose is constructed out of a faux suede material. Although his claws look real, they are vinyl.  Because he is a puppet, he has a movable mouth and movable front paws. And he's pretty good sized too. He stands about 14 inches tall, is about 8 inches wide and 6 inches long.

Black Bear CubBlack Bear Cub

The puppet is one of more than 200 puppets created by Folkmanis Puppets. Years ago, Judy Folkmanis created some handmade puppets for her own children.  People started noticing.  And much to her surprise, they wanted to buy them!   What began as a simple way to entertain her children more than 30 years ago, has become a successful and thriving family business. In fact, the award-winning Folkmanis Puppets is touted as being the "premier manufacturer of plush puppets worldwide!"   And just in case you stay up late and catch funny-man Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show, chances are pretty good you'll see him trying his "hand" at one of the many Folkmanis Puppets! 

The kids will have a ball with the Black Bear Cub puppet. Mom and dad will appreciate the fact that this little guy doesn't need much food or water; just loads of love and attention! Be sure to read specific cleaning instructions - don't throw him in the washer or dryer. And better yet, he won't cost you an "arm" or a leg either!  He retails for under $34.

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