Black Cat Stockings Are Really Cute And That's No Stretch

Hello kitten-knees! OK, that was bad and we feel bad, but these Black Cat Stockings from Japan are the purr-fect way to put some feline on your femurs. Sold by edgy women's clothier RyuRyu, you'll want to wrap these silky stockings around your gams next time you decide to go stalking around the neighborhood.

It takes a carefully considered combination of nylon, polyester and polyurethane to craft these stockings. They're sized from M to L but keep in mind Japanese size ratings are typically one size smaller than what shoppers in Western countries might expect.

With that said, hip measurements range from 85 to 98cm (34 to 39.2 inches) while the height of those wearing the stockings should start at 150cm (60 inches or 5 feet) and top out at 165cm (66 inches or 5'6). The reason for specifying the wearer's height is to ensure each demurely smiling cat head rests upon the wearer's kneecap.

Black Cat Stockings work their magic equally well whether your look is leggy or less-exposed. Having the cats nod their heads just above a pair of calf-top high boots is pretty much guaranteed to both surprise and delight unsuspecting onlookers among the commuting crowds.

Last but certainly not least, rest assured Black Cat Stockings are no one-trick pony: the backs of the cat-head design feature a matched set of sinuous cat tails. Hello or goodbye, these cute cat tights play their part to a kit-T. (via Pouch)

EDITOR'S UPDATE: These cat stockings and lots of other adorable styles are now available in the U.S. You can find it here on Amazon. 

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