Black Tissues Are Something to Sneeze At

While napkins, notepaper, even toilet tissue has been known to come in a variety of pastel and primary shades, facial tissue has remained steadfastly white. Until now, that is - introducing Black Tissues from Daishowa!

That's their name, "Black Tissues". Daishowa decided to, er, call a spade a spade and not bother with something more inspiring, like "Dark Knight" or... OK, that's been taken but you get my gist. Nope, these tissues speak for themselves by being as black as a sleeping crow on a moonless night.

Even the box is black, with only small text wording on the front & sides to break the midnight monotone.

According to Escaperabbit from Spiddlement (source for these images), the black 100% pulp tissues were displayed with samples available, presumably to sway cautious buyers who feared their noses would end up smudged.

In fact, the black tissues are indiscernible from their white cousins with the possible exception of a faint dye aroma.

Daishowa's Black Tissues are available at stores in Japan such as Don Quixote, but foreigners who feel the need to go Gothic in every possible way can order a bulk pack of 20 boxes (160 tissues per box) from Japan Trend Shop for $191 plus shipping. Expensive, but some folks will pay any price to look coal. I mean cool.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You can also get Black Tissues in the U.S. here for less than $10 a box, a 90% savings from Japan.

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Jan 18, 2009
by Anonymous

I liked this article. Thanks

I liked this article. Thanks Steve.