Blackberry "Smart" Watch Throws Email Notifications Onto Your Wrist

Apparently some people are too lazy to reach deep down into their pockets and pull out their Blackberries to check messges. The new Blackberry "smartwatch" with the presumed name "inPulse" is reportedly scheduled to drop within the near future. Made by a third-party Blackberry accessory company, the watch's appeal extends beyond the lazy to those that are in transit or otherwise unable to instantaneously grab the Blackberry. A simple glimpse of the wrist provides a message update and email previews. 


The inPulse synchs with Blackberry via Bluetooth and includes a bright OLED screen that is optimized for viewing text. It should prove to be a hot item for any of those "Crackberry" addicts that simply can't stand the idea of not knowing the latest message coming in on their favorite device. 

No word on specific availablility or pricing yet, but this one would certainly make a nice holiday shopping season release.  Check out Crackberry for more details and debate as to whether this thing is really necessary. In this man's humble opinion, if it costs more than a $150, which is likely, it's money down the pipes.