Blackberry Tablet Is "Flashing" Its Way Into The iPad Marketplace

The writing is on the wall... er, tablet. Secret is out. Blackberry is use to going mano a mano with its number competitor Apple. RIM, Blackberry's manufacturer has been competing with the iPhone for several years now, but breaking out and developing a whole new product line is quite aggressive for the company. Nonetheless, entering stage left is the new Blackberry Tablet. Start queuing up!

According to reports leaked to Betanews, the Blackberry Tablet is in development and its going to be equipped with Flash Support. For those that do not follow the world of gadgetry that closely, Apple has been anti-Flash. In an effort to protect its own revenue stream derived from content like movies and games, it's refused to include the Adobe Flash component that would allow users to watch free TV shows on Hulu. This may change, but until it does, Blackberry has an opportunity to shoot a rocket through Apples' marketshare once its own new product debuts.

Here's a sneak peek video that was secured by the Wall Street Journal.

The new reports indicate the Blackberry Tablet will come in at 7 inches, almost 3 inches smaller than the iPad 9.7 inch screen.  It will come equipped with a 1GHHz Marvell Processor that has two cameras for video conferencing, coupled with a hardware-based Flash accelerator. There has also been predictions of a slide-out keyboard as well as a new version of the Blackberry OS.

The Betanews report did not confirm the Tablet's December launch date, but did indicate that the holiday season would be the best time to debut the new product - since seasonal buying did wonders for devices the likes of Google's Motorola Droid when it rolled out last Christmas.

While the Blackberry still leads in global marketshare with Nokia, its share of the key North American market is slipping. The iPhones iTunes Store and its 225,000 applications have shifted the market significantly. RIM's share of the North American smartphone market by shipments dropped to 38% in the the first quarter of the year from 54%, same time last year. Apple's share has climbed from 18% to 23% in that same period. RIM, by contrast has only 7,000 apps to offer its users, and many complain its BlackBerry interface is clunky and hard to use by comparison.

So could "Flash" be the differentiator that distinguishes the Blackberry Tablet from what would be its number one competitor? Or will Apple retract its anti-Flash position and roll out a Flash model in time to compete during the holiday season. Chances are the Tablet Wars are just heating up and Round Two is going to be a nasty battle in 2011.

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Jan 17, 2011
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wrong video

i think you have the wrong video.
that's not a tablet, the resolution is too small.