BLACKLINE Is Cycling Innovation


The BLACKLINE is a bicycle, and it looks like any other bicycle. Nothing fancy--two tires, handlebar, seat, the works. That is, until you look closer. Then you'll see that it may be a bike, but it is a bike of the future, equipped with both mechanical and technological perks.

The BLACKLINE gets its name from the elevated train lines in Chicago. It is a bike with at "strong spirit" (at least that's what the BLACKLINE website says). With all of its convenient features, you may agree that this bike is spirited. 

BLACKLINE Smart Handlebars And Front CargoBLACKLINE Smart Handlebars And Front Cargo

First, glance at the front of the bike and the handlebars. You'll see the BLACKLINE's unique and versitile cargo system. The cargo system can be configured to meet just about any of your gear-toting needs, and you don't need tools to do so. There is a U-lock in the front storage unit and grab-and-go technology in the back, which allows you to quickly stow and retrieve your bag, satchel or briefcase. 

The BLACKLINE's handlebars are custom Helios smart handlebars with built in LED headlights and side blinkers. The side blinkers utilize GPS navigation to help you navigate your trip. You can link your smart device to the handlebars via Bluetooth and control things like the brightness of the lights, navigation and display (use the display to see how fast you're going). There is even a USB charging port on the BLACKLINE's handlebars. 

BLACKLINE DrivetrainBLACKLINE Drivetrain

The BLACKLINE also employs a maintenance free drive train. There is no chain with this drive train. It utilizes a belt and a sealed 3-speed SRAM hub. This sort of hub was originally designed to withstand conditions in rural Africa, so you can bet it can handle your daily commute, even in the worst conditions. 

With its sleek, dark design, the BLACKLINE is sure to get some attention. Its frame is simple with a single, angled down tube, which makes it easier to mount and dismount the bicycle. And the tires are built to last. The balloon tires will make your ride smoother and reduce the risk of flats. 

Now don't go looking for the BLACKLINE at your local bike shop. Right now it's not on the market, but if this design interestes you, check out the BLACKLINE website for more information.