Blade Rumblers: The Top 10 Freakiest & Flakiest Snow Plows

Polar Vortex 2, Electric Booglaoo has brought an early blast of winter weather to a wholly unprepared nation a month before Winter™ officially arrives. Yeah, it sucks, but there's one thing Old Man Winter didn't bargain on: some of the freakiest, flakiest snow plows ever to scrape a snowbank off a side street.

Sammy The Snow Plow

They say there's a restored Walter ACUS truck behind that “jumbo” 15-ft snow plow and extension wings but we'll believe it when we see it, and frankly we've already seen too much. (strange snow plow image via Roadside Wonders)

The Agony Of De Fiat

Over four and a half million Fiat 126's were produced between 1972 and 2000 but this bizarrely shortened custom may be the only one ever fitted with a snow plow. If you're wondering where the engine is, the 126 had a rear-mounted, two-cylinder powerplant rated at between 23 and 26 horsepower. (strange snow plow image via Jokeroo)

Continental Drifts

How the mighty have fallen! Once upon a time in the Age of Disco, a sumptuously upholstered, opera-windowed Lincoln Continental Town Car imperiously cruised the city's gritty (and occasionally snowy) streets. Now it's been reduced to plowing those same streets with a blade made from a pair of discarded doors... at least they're not its own doors. (strange snow plow image via Fourtitude)

Back To The Redneck Future

Stop me if you've heard this one before: some guy chops off the back of his Econoline van to make the world's ugliest pickup truck, then installs a snow plow onto the rear bumper so he can plow while backing up... presumably while someone holds his beer. (strange snow plow image via The Small And Simple Things)

Yuki-Taro, I Choose You!

Let's not forget Yuki-taro, the self-guided, GPS and camera equipped robot snowplow  that eats up snow, poops out ice bricks and looks endearingly like Pikachu. It's been seven years since we first reported on Yuki-taro's seemingly imminent arrival at our snow-choked doors but alas, the ice-robot cometh not. (strange snow plow image via InventorSpot)

Don't Tread On Me

Speaking of Japan, some of the country's more northern regions get whomped with a LOT of snow. This explains the above 1996 Suzuki Carry mini-truck's rather extreme modifications including a Blackline blade and a quartet of sno-tracks in place of tires. Come at me, snow! (strange snow plow image via Pickup Trucks 101)

Wintery Blast From The Past

Two-toned paint and fins to the wind, more than a few Fabulous Fifties cruisin' machines soldier on as snow plows. Take the above 1957 Buick Special mounted onto a 1974 Chevrolet three-quarter-ton truck frame. If this thing can survive over a half-century in Michigan's frigid Upper Peninsula, it'll have no trouble at all clearing your suburban driveway, daddy-o. (strange snow plow image via Snow Plow News)

Kill It With Fire!

Polar Vortexes (Vortices?) aren't to be taken lightly and sometimes a simple snow plow just doesn't cut it. What to do? If you're the guys from Top Gear USA, you rig up a flamethrower. Yep, the kids are gonna just love this... their parents, not so much. (strange snow plow image via My Life @ Speed, Alec Weinstein, BBC Worldwide Ltd.)

Porsche Man's Snow Plow

You might have seen this Porsche 968 “faux plow” around the 'net but have you ever seen it actually plowing snow? If this was your car, would you hook up a big-ass snow plowing blade to the front bumper? As they say in Germany, “nein und nein”. (strange snow plow image via WebUrbanist)  

Loco Motive

Though the Long Island Railroad's scariest snow plow has been retired to a dead-end siding in Ronkonkoma, “Jaws III” still has what it takes to haunt your nightmares. Hey, maybe it's not too late to send the fearsome frost-buster upstate on a mission to un-bury Buffalo. Mmm, Buffalo... (strange snow plow image via Terry Guy)