Blank Label: Aspiring Male Fashion Designers Create Their Own Dress Shirts

There's nothing better than the opportunity to design your own fashion using a simple online application. Unfortunately for those men who are so inclined, there are fewer opportunities for them to get creative with fashion. Enter Blank Label, the solution to this dilemma.

Blank LabelBlank Label

Blank Label is a site that allows men (or women) to create their own dress shirts. The brand's name in itself is an interesting one - Blank Label implies that everyone can let go of ideas of branding in order to create their own designs. The site also really caters to the male designer, with a background image of a girl on the design page in a provocative pose, accompanied by the phrase "I like creative guys".

To get started, men designing their own shirt can choose from a variety of cotton fabrics in different colors and weights. Then, they can choose the shape and style of their collar and cuffs, the design of the placket and even the fit of the back of the shirt. Specific pocket looks can also be chosen, and designers are requested to choose their body type so they get the best possible fit!

Jul 24, 2010
by Anonymous

For real?

That's good news. So I can just design stuff from the comforts of my home? I'm not very fashion-oriented but yes, i do want to design some stuff to see what I will come up. Their website look pretty decent too .. will order some pieces. It says shipping takes 3-4 weeks. I hope to get it earlier though