Blast Off With A Spying Rocket

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, a plane... no wait, it's a spying rocket?

The Astrovision Video Rocket is an amazing spy tool. Yep, the rocket geniuses of Estes have launched a new toy with spectacular capabilities. Estes has been making high quality, innovative rockets for so long that they were bound to come up with high flying spy gadgets eventually, and they did. By mixing their high-tech know-how with their brilliant rocket designs they replaced the old Oracle model with the new and improved Astrovision Video Rocket. The Oracle has made an impact on sites like flickr and YouTube as one of the best ways to take unique videos. But, the Astrovision produces better pixels and over all video technology.


How High Can It Go?

How high this Astrovision Video spying rocket can go all depends on the motors used. The motor which has the least amount ‘get up and go' to choose from is the Estes B-6 Motor. It allows the rocket to climb to an altitude of 175 feet and is recommended for areas that have high winds or windy conditions as normal weather patterns. This isn't bad, but still it is the least powerful. The highest altitude that can be reached is with the Apogee D10-5 motor in which an incredible 1413 feet can actually be achieved. Of course, there are other motors between these two ends of the spectrum. The choice is yours as to how high you want your rocket to go and what you'll be using it for.


What Are Some Of The New Features?

Possibly the most popular feature is the live action video that the rocket takes. It is all the rage on YouTube, flickr, etc. You can download the video that the Astrovision Video Rocket t akes directly onto your computer once it has returned from the flight. There isn't any assembly required so as soon as you get it delivered you can begin your visual adventure.

Still shots can also be taken if you'd like to start a scrapbook collection of all the places you go to launch. Imagine vacations with this beauty! Whether you want photographs or an action video you can get it all with the Astrovision Video Rocket.


Ways to Use the Rocket

Besides taking more memorable pictures when on vacation, The Astrovision Video Rocket would be a useful tool to use in your back yard to see what your neighbors are doing or hey why stop there? Find out what your whole block is doing!

Regardless what your needs are with a rocket that captures live action (and I am sure there are many) the possibilities are never-ending. So, what would you use it for?