Blerp: Bring Your Discussion Anywhere on the Web

Link aggregators are all the rage these days.  As a blog reader, surely you frequent such sites as Digg, Reddit, and a host of others that enable users to gather things that they like from the web and share them with other users.  Blerp is an aggragator in the same vein, only it focuses on the conversations that surround shared sites, instead of merely passing the links off to users.

The site takes a little getting used to, that's for sure.  After you make an account, you have to paste the URL of whatever you think is worth sharing into Blerp's browser bar.  The site will show up unedited, except that the Blerp bar will remain in place, and on the left-hand side there will be your Blerp controls.  From that panel you can start or join discussions, as well as post general comments about the web site you're viewing.  In addition to just simple comments, you can also post a host of cool widgets like YouTube videos, online images, polls, Google Maps, and many more.

Upon writing this, all functions worked exceptionally well.  The site's developers have done well with this public alpha release.  It's also a very cool concept that will probably catch on with the right PR.  While some aggregators like Digg already have a lockdown on the type of audience that would like a site like this, there's always room for improvement, and Blerp supplies and substantial improvement over Digg.  Another thing that Blerp's creators did right was make it exceptionally easy to share your discussion, not only with friends within the Blerb network, but with those outside the service.

After a pretty thorough test run of Blerp, I can confidently say that this is one of the best ideas I've come across in a while.  The execution is superb, and all the pieces are in place for the site to be successful.  With any luck, they'll get some good press.  If you're a fan of online discussions and want to bring them to any site on the web very easily, don't waste any time giving Blerp a try.