Blind Leading The Blind: A New Perspective To Historical Tours

Who ever said all guided tours have to be the same? Sensorial Lisbon, organized by Portugal's renowned creative studio Cabracega, lets visitors experience one of Lisbon's boroughs Alfama, using their senses other than vision.

















While I can see liability issues arising if this were a North American business, it's impossible not to be intrigued by this unique tour for tourists and locals that allows them to take in their surroundings while blindfolded. Following a trained guide from the Association of the Visually Impaired (ACAPO), participants are taught to become connected with the environment using smell, tact, taste and hearing instead of sight. The perspective of the historical education is not lost either, since a Lisbon Walker Guide also accompanies the group providing contextual information about the area.

The walking tour takes place the last Saturday of each month, and allows a maximum of ten participants to attend each session. For 20 Euros, visitors to the area get the opportunity to learn about the world of the visually impaired and gain new knowledge of surroundings through this 1.5 hour long unique tour.









As the travel industry continues to feel the repercussions of the recession, businesses are focusing upon offering unique experiences to make their services attractive and enticing.