Blind Robot Gets Around


When it comes to robots we don’t expect them to see the way that we do. But we do expect it to have some way to view the world around it. Maybe we expect that to be in the form of cameras, or perhaps with an infrared map. What we do not expect is for a robot to be completely blind to the world around it, but much like its living counterparts a blind robot can in fact figure out how to get around.

A new robot, known as Shrewbot is designed to do just that. The robot has no vision sensors, and instead navigates by touch. A set of plastic whiskers, like the ones you would find on a dog or the shrew it is named for, allows it to know when it is in contact with an item. By exploring the room the Shrewbot gets a picture of the area and any obstacles.

Source: PopSci

Image: Morgue File