Blinged-up Range Rover Evoque Sports Swarovski Crystal Nameplates

When is so much bling too much bling? When you replace your Range Rover Evoque's OEM chromed nameplates with glittering Swarovski crystal facsimiles, for one, and top that off by wrapping the body in gauche, gaudy magenta vinyl.

Let's start off by stating the unlucky Range Rover pictured here is no Redneck Special – rather, it's the product of too much money being spent with too little thought. In this case, two little thoughts: “I like purple!” and “MMMShiny!”.

While the Range Rover's owner wasn't on hand to display his or her (and we're leaning towards “her”, just because) bank statement, Land Rover's compact luxury crossover SUV is no Family Truckster – retail sticker on a comparable five-door Range Rover Evoque Pearl Noir Special Edition is a wallet-emptying 898,000 yuan or around $145,335!

This purple people eater from Beijing, China didn't come as lavishly-equipped as a new Pearl Noir Special Edition but figure on significant coin being spent on the dark-tinted window glass, black roof, blackout A, B and C pillars, aftermarket 5-spoke black alloy wheels, and a chromed divider strip separating the greenhouse form the body – now that IS tasteful, at least.

But we digress... da bling's da thing and this Evoque shines with the power of a thousand blazing suns, which here take the form of many, MANY clear Swarovski crystals.

As the li'l dazzlers are lined up three rows thick to form the words RANGE and ROVER on both the hood and hatch, the number of individual crystals affixed to the Evoque could well exceed a thousand. Could this possibly catch on among the, er, glitterati? Swarovski stockholders can only wish. (via Car News China)