Blizzident Custom Made Toothbrush: Buy It Because You Can


I usually write about innovations I think are really cool.  The Blizzident is cool, but not the kind of cool I'd like to own.  It's cool as in very weird.  I mean look at it. Cornelius in Planet of the Apes rejected this set of chompers because even ape men don't have such hairy teeth.  In fact, the Blizzident is a custom toothbrush, not a set of false teeth, although I bet you'd be a hit wearing it on Halloween.


Blizzident custom toothbrush: image via blizzident.comBlizzident custom toothbrush: image via


Why do you need a custom toothbrush that costs around $300 plus the cost of a set of dental impressions?  Because you hate spending the 2 to 3 minutes it takes to brush your teeth properly with a toothbrush.  And because you can afford to spend that much on a toothbrush and repeat the process once a year so your teeth are, hopefully, as clean as they can be in only 6 seconds per brushing.

Very little is required of you. First a bit of toothpaste can be placed on your tongue. Then, you place the Blizzident over your teeth, and you simply have to move your jaw up and down 10 to 15 times (called the Modified Bass brushing technique). After that, you do a bit of grinding, moving your jaw around while your teeth are closed (called the Modified Fones technique).



Now that I've shared the Blizzident with you I feel better, because it is indeed a gadget I would not want to keep secret from my readers. And I thank my buddy Steve Levenstein for guiding me to this unique invention, one which I am certain none of us will never forget.

Blizzident via Canoe