Block Around The Clock - Melissa And Doug Combine Shapes And Time

Wooden toy manufacturers Melissa and Doug are at it again - this time with the Wooden Shape Sorting Clock. It's an educationally good time!

We don't deliberately seek out these Melissa and Doug products, for all that we've mentioned them before. On a consistent basis, we see products from this company pop up as being not only well-made but fun for kids and on the whole, quite affordable. So it is with the Wooden Shape Sorting Clock, which is currently retailing for just over $10 at Amazon.

What is it, you ask? A simple way for kids to learn about numbers, shapes, and time all in one! No, Melissa nd Doug haven't created some kind of child-learning time continuum paradox but rather a simple wooden clock with moveable "hour" and "minute" hands along with twelve blank spaces where wooden blocks could go. What wooden blocks? The ones that not only fit the shape of the hole they're aiming for but have the right number in the clock sequence.

Through a simple shape-in-hole mechanic, kids can learn not only that a square peg will not fit in a round hole but that 3 comes after 2 and that on a clock the numbers go in a certain order. The toy isn't flashy, battery powered or loud, but rather is simple fun for kids who are interested in working with their hands and parents who are interested in developing young minds.

Not surprisingly, the average review of this toy is 4.5 stars on Amazon - good quality, low price and an educational/fun factor makes the Shape Sorting Clock something you should consider buying around a second from now.

Or now.

Now works.

Source: Melissa and Doug