Blog and Print Media Collide With The Printed Blog

Blogs aren't just online anymore! A new business model, The Printed Blog, is launching an innovative publication which will take content that is only available online, and print the articles twice-daily in newspaper form. This Printed Blog business hopes that combining new and old media outlets will make a successful venture.

The Printed Blog is currently in its testing stage. It has released small print runs of the newspaper style blog publications in Chicago and San Francisco to date, and is currently accepting submissions. Bloggers interested in being published in The Printed Blog can submit the web addresses of their blogs for consideration, or submit individual articles. Blog fans and readers also have the option to send in their favorite websites; but they play a much more intimate roll in the publication process for the Printed Blog too.

With thousands of writers on the internet using blogs as media and marketing tools, The Printed Blog could never decide which blog articles to include in its twice-daily publications on its own. Once The Printed Blog has received enough submissions, it will ask readers to vote on their favorites and that's what will be printed in their newspaper. The format of the new media publication has yet to be determined, but it would be nice to see regular columns featured from popular blog sites in The Printed Blog, as well as article features that relate to current events to keep up the diversity.

While some experts are predicting that archaic forms of media, like newspapers, magazines and other print publications will fade away; The Printed Blog is confident that new and old media will be able to collide and reach a greater number of people.

Inventor Spot writers, submit your work! And readers, when it comes time to vote, request your favorite blog and get ready to see Inventor Spot online and in print.